• SumoMe

"The Paradox of Power" by David Spriggs. 2007. Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

The 2007 work by David Spriggs entitled “The Paradox of Power” is a piece created by spraying acrylic paint onto multiple layers of transparent film. This film is then lined up and hung from above to create this really neat effect.

Spriggs described the piece as a “deconstruction of time and form.” Very seldom does an artist’s description add anything to the piece for me, but I think his words aptly describe the vision.

What I enjoy most about this work is how the middle layers are more noticeable and create a boundary between the two colors such that they appear to explode from one another. Additionally, the close up photo is ghastly and looks like souls trying to escape some sort of bondage.

You can view more pictures of this work at www.davidspriggs.com, and I encourage you to do so. What do you see?