• SumoMe

In honor of the baseball playoffs, I want to bring to attention the awesomeness that is:


This company makes some of the coolest hats of all time for the true baseball fan. I’m not talking about sequins and trendy colors with tons of logos and that stupid sticker on the bill. No, I’m talking about gritty, simple, legitimate hats from baseball teams that don’t even exist anymore. As a lifelong Texas Rangers fan, I pictured the 1926 Washington Senators hat. Try finding that at your local trendy hat store. American Needle even makes hats even back to the 1869 Cincinnati Reds. 1908 St. Louis Browns? Got it. 1908 Boston Braves? Got them too.

Even better, these hats don’t break the bank. Each one will cost you around $30, however, select American Needle hats (although not the Washington Senators, unfortunately) are on sale for $18 over at Huckberry for the next 3 days only.

Even better than that are the available sizes. Since American Needle makes the hats themselves, they offer sizes that are hard to find in stores so you are sure to get the best available fit. If that wasn’t enough, you can even order a bespoke hat that will fit your exact head size.

Check them out, even if you aren’t in the market for a new baseball cap. I guarantee it will rule.